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A domain name is the name representing the website you wish to have.

Start Your Domain Name Search!

"ABC Domain" offers domain registration in .AM and .ՀԱՅ zones.
The annual price for .AM or .ՀԱՅ domain name is
   for residents 12000 AMD
   for non-residents 15000 AMD

In case of .AM or .ՀԱՅ domain ONLINE REGISTRATION (via our website) the annual price is
   for residents 10000 AMD
   for non-residents 12000 AMD
Besides, you can register domains in other zones, such as .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .CO, .BIZ, .TV, .FM, .ME etc.
We suggest Public and Private registration which allows you to publish/hide the personal details in WHOIS.
Register and get an account at our website where you can
free of charge manage and monitor your registered domain names (My Domain),
free of charge monitor and get notifications of the domains you wish to register (Track Domain),
use our Backorder service to be the first to get an already registered domain name as soon as it is released
With us you'll never miss the payment date since we would send you a reminder to your contact email address. The resident customers will also receive a reminder to their postal address with the notice of receipt.

Unicode to punycode converter

TLD Name Price TLD Name Price
.com 8000 .net 8000
.biz 8000 .info 8000
.org 8500 .ru 5000
.ag 67000 .aero 32000
.agency 16000 .asia 15000
.at 12500 .band 18500
.be 8000 .bz 18500
.cab 22500 .camera 22500
.camp 22500 .cat 28500
.cc 18000 .center 16000
.ceo 58000 .ch 51000
.cheap 22500 .club 14500
.cm 68000 .cn 9000
.co 24000 12000 23000 41500 27000 38500
.codes 31000 .coffee 23000
.cx 27500 .cz 9500
.de 5500 .dk 9500
.ec 41000 .fi 18500
.fm 55000 .fr 7500
.gift 16500 .ink 20500
.it 68000 .jp 120000
.kz 11500 .li 52000
.lt 75000 .me 12500
.mn 31000 .mobi 16000
.name 9500 .nl 6000
.no 82000 .nz 45000
.onl 14500 .ph 58000
.photo 25000 .photos 16500
.pics 16500 .pl 6000
.pm 10000 .pub 25000
.red 14500 .rip 16000
.se 29000 .sexy 18000
.systems 16500 .tel 8000
.tf 10000 .top 17000
.tv 20000 .uk 27000
.uno 23000 .us 7000
.vision 25000 .wf 10000
.yt 10000 .zone 23000
.am 10000 .հայ 10000

   *  all prices are for 1 (one) year contract.
* *  all prices include 20% VAT.


ATTENTION - new address
Dear partner,
starting from July 24, 2017 our company will be allocated at...
Attention to our customers
Dear valued customers,

as it became known, the use of virtual cards ARCA ...
Dear Partner,
please be noted that starting from 1 August, 2016 which has been meant for ...
New offer - package "UNITY"
Register/renew one domain name in .AM zone together with one in .ՀԱՅ zone and pay the annual price equal to 16000 AMD instead of 24.000 AMD.
Backorder Service
Register the domain name you wish once it becomes available.
Online payments
Hereafter you can make payments for domain name and hosting services via Visa, MasterCard, ArCa cards as well as PayPal, 2CO, TelCell payment systems.

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